Meet the Scotts

Toby & Ilona just returned from China where they had a fantastic time. Be sure to check out the notes and photos on the page the whole tour group has created.

We have a new Scott. On August 9, 2005 Natalie Paige Abril. joined the Scott clan, only 8 months behind her cousin, Ronan. Download Ronan the Screensaver

Ilona Scott works for Lauterbach & Associates in Oxnard, CA. Her archived architectural pages have been moved to, which is no longer being developed, but retains many comments and pictures of completed projects.

Toby works for Ventura County Computers, however, he maintains separate site for his web designs, CSS tutorial and notes on the design of this site here. As many of you know, he also has become something of a pond-freak and has put his pond online.

In December 2005, Jessica Scott and her friend, Carissa Gibson performed the first movement of the Beethoven Violin Sonata Number 9 (Kreutzer) in A major. Listen to the performance online. The music is not copyrighted, so feel free to make a copy.

Son, Gray, has his own site for his writings and daughter, Jessica, maintains a page at She frequently does graphic work for Toby.

Toby's sister, Teri, maintains her own site for her real estate sales at Century 21 in Santa Maria, where her daughter, Brandi, works with her.

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